1992 Saturn SL1 • 109,000 miles

I have a 92 sl1 5 speed that blew a rod I am replacing the engine with a used and found a 92 sl2 engine I would like to put it into the sl1 but was wondering what all I would need to put in the sl1
September 22, 2011.

We only recommend direct fit parts. There always are differences that cause new issues.

Just to add to this one you would have to change the whole complete engine intake manifold injector rail exhaust manifold etc from the SL2 engine. The whole engine harness pcm probably the underhood fuse box. The fuel filter is different and vacuum lines etc. Also little things I cant recall off the top of my head. Throttle cable theres another one also if you have smog it your going to run into issues there. But going to the twin cam is a big difference in horse power those 92 single cam engines where only 85 horse power and the twin cams were like 124 horse power. Those single cams were great on gas though. Oh also the transmissions have a different gear ratios

Sep 23, 2011.
Its a lot of work and if you dont know what your doing and what your looking for parts wise it could get ugly really quick.I would just stick with the single cam engine.

Sep 23, 2011.