1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 6 cylinder Automatic • 154,000 miles

1992 Olds Cutlass mileage: 154,000. My wifes car is surging (lunging) at idle and when coming to a stop. It sometimes thinks its in third gear and stalls when coming to a stop after an extended ride (25 mi.). This is an intermittent condition. I had a friend put it on the computer and there were no trouble codes. He said it might be a transmission sensor.
November 8, 2010.

Your car has a lock-up torque converter in the transmission. It locks-up only in high gear. It is supposed to disengage at lower speeds. Yours is not disengaging. There is probably a valve in the transmission “hanging up”. Having the transmission serviced with new fluid may help the problem. Next step, the valve body will have to be removed and cleaned.

Nov 8, 2010.