1992 Lincoln Continental • 25,300 miles

I have a 1992 lincoln continental 3.8 v6. It has 253,000 plus miles. My problem is this. About a week ago when I went to start it the starter dragged and dragged and then it was dead with a slight click when I would try to start it again. About 5 minutes later I attempted to start it again and it started, but with major hesitation and dragging from the starter. Each day the dragging got worse soo I assumed it was the battery. Today I tried to start it and it just dragged until the the starter clicked. I replaced the battery and still just a bunch of clicking from the starter. Help please if you can. Thanks im eric
July 31, 2012.

Sounds more like a connection issue. Start with a battery load test, starter draw test and alternator test. Clean the battery cables real good of all debris.


Jul 31, 2012.