1992 Daihatsu Charade • 172,000 miles

My front headlights dont work, check fuses and globes, their fine! Been told to chande the switches. Do I have to remove steering wheel to do this, if not how do I remove the switches for replacement?
December 30, 2012.

You would need to remove the steering wheel to replace the switch.
At lower part of steering wheel there is a screw that you need to remove to pull the horn pad off.
Loosen the central nut a few threads and do not remove completely.
Pull at steering wheel at either side in rocking motion to get the steering wheel loose. It might require some effort as the wheel sits on a tapered surface and might require a puller if it is stuck too badly.
Once wheel is loosened, set steering in straight ahead position and do not turn steering when taking it off after removing nut.
You can remove the steering column cover and take the light switch out aferr removing the screws and cire connectors.
Remember to disconnect the battery terminals first.

Dec 30, 2012.