1991 Pontiac Grand Am • 149,000 miles

Started ran rough 1/2 mile then died. Turns over idiot lights on but no spark Just need heads up on where to look. Tech 4 2.3l spark plug wires disappear and I don't see a distributor. Book is confusing haynes. Talks about multiple ignitions but nothing specific as to my engine. Not an idi system
June 27, 2013.

I believe you have a coil pack on this vehicle. There is no distributor. You need to check if the coil is getting power and you need to check if the crank sensor is good.

The car sat 3 days started ran 30 seconds then lost spark again. Ive waited to do fix since am disabled vet on a pension and waiting for check. If you can help me narrow down what I should get it would help greatly. Plugs new am getting wires but does internittent spark help?

Jul 1, 2013.
Hi: If I was to tell you to get parts, it would be a guess to see which part to get. You need to check if there is power to the coil. If there is, my first suspect would be the crank sensor. However, please understand at this point, that is a guess.