1991 Oldsmobile Ciera • 23,461 miles

My car has a lot of miles on it I know I need a new car but its the only one I have so I gotta keep it running. I know from past experiences if you run thicker oil it quiet the engine so I was wandering can I do that with this car and how thick. I used to run a 50 weight in a AMC eagle and it ran good and was a lot more quiet. And do you have any more suggestions on how to keep this car running good even with high miles.
March 18, 2013.

As far as the type of oil, check the owner's manual for the heaviest weight they recommend based on the conditions you live in. To keep the vehicle going, maintenance is the best thing you can do. Keep the oil changes, all fluids clean and full, and filters clean. My guess is that you already do that since you have so many miles on it already.