1991 Nissan Sentra • 200,000 miles

1991 nissan sentra all lights and door chimes work but will not crank starter tested good alternator was replaced not to long ago so why want it crank up. I was cranking just fine then I went to the store and it wouldnt then I called my husband and he came and unpluged to fuses and pluged them back in and still nothing then we left came back and it started. My husband unpluged the battery over night then pluged it back in this morning and it cranked then we moved it about 100 feet shut the car off and now it will not crank again any suggestions.
December 16, 2012.

Have the battery tested for condition and load tested. Auto parts stores do this for free. Check cleanliness of battery terminals check to make sure starter is getting battery voltage with engine off

Dec 16, 2012.