1991 Infiniti G20 • 200,000 miles

My car will start and run for a little bit but then it will act. Like its running out of gas and die then it wont start and sometimes later it will start and do the same thing. I've replaced feul filter and checked fuel pump. And it still does it
February 3, 2013.

What is the actual fuel pressure? How did you check the pump?


Yes we have. And I replaced coil and coil wire and spark plug wires also. And now it will turn over but it wouldnt start all the way until I kept turning it over. Then it finily started and will idle fine and sound good until I step on the gas to rev it up, then it will back fire sometimes and will miss and kind of act like its running out of gas. But if I let it idle it sounds good and will only idle for about 23 minutes then will die on its own. Help me I'm a woman can't hardly find anyone to help me even fix it let alone look at it. And I can't buy anymore parts for it I'm getting broke. I've bought a coil. Spark plug wires, and cpil wire, a new water pump and a few other parts. SO PLEASE HELP

Mar 2, 2013.