1991 Honda Civic • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 141,000 miles

How do you replace keyed ignition switch on a 1991 honda civic dz
November 24, 2010.

Turn ignition off. Remove instrument panel lower trim panel and left knee bolster. Disconnect 4-pin connector from dash fuse block and 5-pin connector from main wiring harness.
With ignition switch in indicated positions, check continuity between specified terminals of 4-pin and 5-pin ignition switch harness connectors.
If continuity is not present as specified, check for bad connection between ignition switch and switch harness. If connection is okay, replace the ignition switch. If connection is not okay, repair as required and recheck. If continuity checks still do not agree with table, replace ignition switch.

Nov 24, 2010.
If you are refering to the tumbler (where the key goes), you need to remove the steering wheel to access it.