1991 Honda Accord • 93,000 miles

An hour into my drive up the coast, my radio wouldn't work when I started my car at a Wawa. At the next rest stop I check the fuse under the dash, but it was not blown. The antenna still goes up and down when I push the power button, but the display is off, and my cassette-to-ipod tape is stuck in the slot. This tells me that the antenna and radio have a separate circuit behind the radio. A friend of mine guesses that there is a second fuse back there which has blown.
My questions are these:

Do you think the problem is a blown fuse?
How do I remove the radio to check?
What fuse can I use to replace the one behind the radio (if it is the culprit)?
Should I do this myself, or get help from a mechanic, etc? (I have no experience with cars.)

Thanks so much!
July 29, 2013.

I believe the radio is bad.
At back of radio there is a minifuse. Underdash there is a radio memeory fuse, have that checked.

Jul 29, 2013.