1991 Ford Ranger • 6 cylinder 2WD Manual • 175,000 miles

I have a 91 Ford Ranger Truck. Yesterday I went out to start it and it wouldn't start. Nothing. Did not turn over, no sound at all. Dead. I assumed the battery was dead but it tested fine and all the lights worked fine. I don't know much about engines. Any ideas what could cause this? I purchased the truck a few months ago and when I started it for the first time the previous owner informed me that in order for the truck to start you must have the clutch pushed in. I am now wondering if that might be my problem. Maybe whatever you are pressing when you push the clutch down has broken. Sound feasible? If so what am I looking for and where would it be. I don't notice anything around the clutch pedal but really don't know what I am looking for. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

December 17, 2010.

It could be. You will need to check if the clutch switch is allowing power both in and out when it is depressed. IF it is, have a helper turn the key to the start position with the clutch depressed while you check for 12volts to the smaller wire on the starter. If you have 12+ volts, chances are the starter is bad. If there isn't any power, then chances are you have a bad starter relay or a bad ignition switch.