1991 Dodge Shadow

Hey I have a 91 dodge shadow 4cyl I bought a couple months ago. The other day I was out and when I went to leave my shadow wouldn't start. It had run fine before I parked it. It would just crank but not fire tried spraying something flammable in the throttle body to see if it might help but no change. Can't even smell fuel in the throttle body. It didn't even seem like it was trying to fire. After a while I found a disconnected vacuum hose reconnected it and the car started like nothing was wrong ran for ten min and stalled. Tried to find something wrong on the side of the road finally noticed the fuel pump fuse should be a 20A according to the owners manual but there is a 15A in it's spot had a spare 20A put it in. Started up like nothin was wrong drove home(half hour) let idle for 15min no issues shut it off for a half hour. Tried to start it but it wouldn't fire still can't smell any fuel in the throttle body. Cracked open the fuel supply to the throttle body and there was fuel. Got a used injector from the wreckers ( just has a single injector in the throttle body) installed used injector car fired up and I can here it injecting while the air filter housing is off. Ran it for a half hour it ran quite well so I take it for a drive ran good for ten min then suddenly stalled. Had to pull it home. Can smell fuel now checked for spark have no spark at spark plugs checked for spark at coil none there either. Changed coil, plug wires, and plugs. Still will not start no longer a smell of fuel cracked fuel line there isn't fuel either changed fuel pump as the day it first had a issue I got a full tank of gas still won't start. Looked in a Haynes repair manual but the wiring diagrams are not very helpful it shows in a overveiw that the coil and fuel pump are wired together but not in any of the wiring diagrams can't even find the coil or the fuel pump in the wiring diagrams
April 22, 2012.

Yes, he wants you to see if you get spark when you run power direct to the coil.

Well, does it have spark?

Apr 24, 2012.