1991 Chevrolet Silverado • 116,902 miles

Ok here is my issue, I have a 1991 2WD chevy Pickup and that is in very good condition. I had taken a new car from VAN Chevrolet because I thought I was going to buy it but then changed my mind. Well to start with they towed my truck to my house and I wondered why, well I went to start it and the battery was dead, so I charged the battery and the truck will start but will not stay running while idling. I asked the 20yr old salesman what the hell did he do to my truck? He said I did do nothing to your truck and then he said we swapped your plugs out and he I sprayed about a half of can of either in that round silver thing on top of the motor. DUMBASS. So my question is since no matter what I do I cannot get it to stay running while idling. Did they burn up my sensors with the either or what else could it be? It was running sound when I left it there.
January 29, 2013.

You may have a bad fuel pump. Have the pressure checked.


Jan 29, 2013.