1991 Cadillac Fleetwood • 186,056 miles

My cadillac dies on me while I am driving.. I first got the distributor code, then the throttle position sensor code now the park neutral position switch. I replaced the distributor then found some burnt wires inside n replaced those. I also replaced the tps.. Still getting those codes in history, my new code is the park neutral postition switch. After I had replaced the wires inside the distributor I found they had burnt the connector prongs on a part inside the distributor. Could that be effecting my ability to drive? My car starts fine in park. It seems the car dies when it reaches a certain temp. Could it be that piece inside I need to replace?
October 28, 2012.

Seems you have a problem with the wireharness and is shorting out somewhere. Clear all codes and post the codes that comes back.

Oct 28, 2012.