1990 Mazda MX6 • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 120,000 miles

I have a 1990 mazda mx6 2.2 non turbo that****** while driving but only if its warm out side all winter the car runs great but come spring time the******** comes back usually when driving between 20 and 50 mph it just drops in power the car****** and the engine light comes on then after a few seconds the light goes off and the car drives normal also it now wants to cut off when idleing at red lights, I have new wires plugs, cap rotar, air and oil filter any suggestions would be great!
Mazda crisis
May 10, 2011.

The above link explains what the MIL is about.

The below link shows how to go about retrieving the trouble codes.

You need to find out what is triggerring the MIL.

May 10, 2011.