1990 Cadillac Allante • 55,000 miles

1990Cadillac. Allante. Motor. Was. Replaced. And. The. Dashboard. And. Lighting. Systems. Including. Brake. Lights. Headlights. Signals. No. Longer. Work. Is. There.A. Potential. Ground. Problem?
April 28, 2012.

What is your question?

My. Question. Is. Why. After. Changing. The. Motor. Do.I. No. Longer. Have. Dashboard. Illumination. Headlights. Interior. Lights. Brake. Lights. Etc. Everything. Else. Works.

Apr 28, 2012.
Check all connections under the hood at the power distribution box. Make sure no body grounds are disconnected.

Check all the under hood maxi. Fuses and all console fuses. If its reading system problem its the info center. Youll have to swap the radio assy. Into the rebuilt info panel. Only the dealer can scan the computer now.

Apr 29, 2012.
I eventually had to give it to an old school mechanic who, after (6) weeks of checking everything, found a power supply up in the right side of the dashboard that had failed. All power to everything came back online. The motor replacement guy was a moron who cost me 1200 smackers to repair his screw up! I had to replace a blown radio as well. Now I have to find the money to get the car painted. Moral of story, find a good mechanic you can trust and leave the fly by night general repair shops alone.

Sep 20, 2012.
Congradz to u.

Sep 21, 2012.