1989 Toyota Tarago • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic •

I have an 89 Tarago DX Van.
The headlights stopped working.
The dashlights, indicators, rear lights and parkers all work.
The highbeam does not work either.
When I turn the headlights on I hear a very quiet clunk over to the left of the drivers seat, under the glove box.
It is the similiar to the noise when the parkers get turned on but a little different.
Thanks for your time
January 30, 2011.

The noise you heard should be from the relay. Check if the headlight relay is bad. Did you check the fuses and bulb?

Jan 30, 2011.
I checked all the fuses, all good.
I do not know how to check a relay : -(
I will look it up now that you mention it
And I did not check the bulbs, I thought the 2 of them blowing at the same time was too coincidental.
Also the Headlights did work intermittantly for a few days prior to total failure.
I appreciate your insight.
I would be more than happy to help out with any computer related issues : -)

Jan 30, 2011.
Thank you for the offer, I would keep that in mind.

For relays, try swapping with others to see if it works. Bulbs seldom go bad all at once so the more likely cause would be wiring or relays. Anyway you would still need to check the bulbs as it is possible though chances are slim.

Jan 31, 2011.