1989 Toyota Cressida • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 177,000 miles

Dear Sir or Madame,
I have Toyota Cressida 1989, MX 83L AEPQFA.
Engine 7M-GE MX83-00 189 28.
Edition: Fbr. 1989.
According to Chilton Repair Manual ( 1997, p. 2-16) I need to adjust the idle speed.
To do so I need to …”remove the rubber plug from the side of the throttle body exposing the idle adjustment screw”.
I have a hole alike but it plugged by cupper plug very tightly and not removable.
January 10, 2011.

Clean out the idle speed control valve and see what happens before you adjust the screw-might have to force it open due to tampering

The ECU receives input from various sensors and controls idle speed through the idle speed control valve. The ISC Valve provides an air bypass around the throttle valve with a dual coil electric motor that rotates a flap in the air passage. The ISC Valve has battery voltage applied to terminals B1, B2 and grounds back through the ECU via terminals ISC1, ISC2, ISC3 and ISC4. All high speed idle parameters are controlled by the ECU at start-up

Jan 10, 2011.
See below

Jan 10, 2011.