1989 Toyota Corolla • 44,222 miles

I got stuck in ice I put in drive and reverse several times to get unstuck, then my car start making clucking and grinding noise every time I put in reverse and sometimes when I break but not that much noise when in drive it just started ding this after I got unstuck. What do you think happen or what might be wrong I think it might be the gears I might wore out, I checked the fluid its ok, no leaks or anything like that.
March 5, 2013.

You will need a mechanic with a trained ear to listen to it. It could be coming from many things. As far as the transmission, they are hard to break so you should be okay.

This sounds like possibly a damaged drive axle. You will need to have somebody test drive the car to give you a better idea. Noises are hard to repair over the computer. Good luck

Mar 5, 2013.