1989 Toyota Camry • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 268,000 miles

Does 89 camry have criss-cross brake system
August 6, 2011.

No tandem front rear split

Aug 6, 2011.
No, this is a diagonal split brake system.

Here is an excerpt from the service manual.

This system operates on the same principles as conventional front and rear split systems using primary and secondary master cylinders, moving simultaneously to exert hydraulic pressure on their respective systems.

The hydraulic brake lines on this system, however, have been diagonally split front to rear (left front to right rear and right front to left rear) in place of separate lines to the front and rear wheels.

In the event of a system failure, the remaining good system does all the braking through one front wheel brake and the opposite rear wheel brake, thus maintaining 50% of the total braking force. The hydraulic pressure loss results in a pressure differential in the system and causes the warning light on the dashboard to glow, as in front and rear split systems.

Aug 6, 2011.