1989 Subaru XT • 4 cylinder 4WD • 282,000 miles

89 subaru xt clutch slipping
February 1, 2011.

I burnt up the clutch on my 89' Subaru XT-1.8 while slopping through some mountain roads in 4WD the other day. What is it going to cost to replace it? I know the price of a new clutch kit is fairly inexpensive but what is the labor going to run me? I have a ton of miles on the car but the rest runs great since the previous owner was meticulous and very good with keeping it up. I believe it's worth working on and being a maintenance technician for a Naval base I am sure it's something I can do myself but am trying to figure out if it's worth paying someone or doing myself. Anyone help?

Feb 1, 2011.
Figure about 8 hours labor