1989 Honda Civic • 145,000 miles

The front defroster does not work. The heater and AC fans blow out air, but the defroster blows no air at all. When I attempt to use the front defroster it blows no air at all and the windshield can't get de-fogged.
September 11, 2013.

Does all the air condition modes work like the front vents only or the floor only? Just to clarify air blows out the vents when selected to and you can hear the blower motor running? Get back to me and I can help you out better isolate why the defrost is not working, TY

Ty Anderson
Sep 11, 2013.
1) Only the front vents are working/blowing. The defroster and floor vents do NOT work or blow air.
2) I cannot hear a motor running. The only sound is the sound of the fan blowing.

Sep 11, 2013.
If I remember right there are metal cables that connect from the air conditioning panel to the doors that change the mode (floor, vent, defrost, temperature ect.) You'll need to inspect these cables, specifically the cable that control the mode door (look for movement when moving the mode know on the air condition control panel). Make sure the cables are attached at both ends and that the door can be seen moving.

Several possibilities here.
The control knob is broken not moving the cable.
The cable is disconnected from the mode door that controls where the air is blowing
The mode door is broken and even though everything is connected and moving nothing is happen to the air flow direction.

Try looking at the cables to see if they're connected and get back to me, TY

Ty Anderson
Sep 12, 2013.