1989 Ford Taurus • 126,000 miles

What kind of symptoms would I be experiencing if ignit. Coil were bad? We've replaced starter, alternator, plugs & wires and car started okay for a few months. Now, it turns but doesn't start. Local car guy says it may be the ignition coil. Is there a diagnostic tool I can rent/purchase to do it myself?

Therese braun
August 25, 2013.

What I need you to do is see if the engine will start when using starting fluid. If it does, the problem is fuel system related. If it doesn't start, then you need to check to see if you are getting spark to the plugs. If the coil is bad, it can cause a no spark condition and the engine will not start.

Let me know what you find.

Makes sense, thanks.

Therese braun
Aug 26, 2013.
Let me know what you find.