1989 Ford Mustang • V8 Manual • 50,000 miles

My manual '89 Mustang convertible runs like a dream. The only thing is, the outside is the opposite of a dream. I'm looking to get another car and exchange the engine and stuff into it. My question is, other than the fox body mustangs, how can I tell which cars the motor can fit in? It's a 5.0. I found a '77 Mustang that has a great body and everything, but the engine is no good. Could I swap those out? I need all the help with information on this as I can. Thank you.
August 1, 2011.

The '77 is going to have a carburetor, and the '89 will have fuel injection and computer controls. Don't even try to turn the '77 into a fuel injected model. You'll need to transplant the fuel tank / pump, wiring harness, Engine Computer, etc. The computer requires a mass air flow sensor which is in the fresh air intake tube which will be totally different.

You'll want to reuse the intake manifold and carburetor from the old engine. To find out if it will bolt onto your newer engine, ask a Ford mechanic who does engine repairs, or look the parts up online. I use rockauto. Com a lot. See if the part numbers are the same for the items you're trying to switch. A lot of stuff changes from one year to the next. Only Chrysler used to have a reputation for real good parts interchangeability but that was years ago too.

Aug 1, 2011.
Thank you

Aug 1, 2011.