1989 Ford Bronco • 0.5L V8 4WD Automatic • 150,000 miles

The mechanic installed a good working order transmission and transfer case. When put into gear it will not shift out of 1st gear? He I find out now is not even certified shade tree mechanic. The 1st thing I found was the transmission had 4 quarts over filled, the transfer case vacuum line had a plug in it ( not hooked up). Transfer case was low on fluid, 2quarts. I fixed these problems but it did not correct it ( shifting out of 1st ). I noticed the transmission kick down line was not hooked up, but haven't corrected that yet due to wrong shift linkage plate. I'm not sure I installed the vacuum line in the correct vacuum source.
December 4, 2013.

Have a trans guy look at it it may be a bad governor he can do the other stuff as wellfor you. It could be an internal problem also

Dec 4, 2013.