1989 Dodge Ram • V8 2WD Automatic • 35,000 miles

I have a 89 Georgie boy motor home someone broke in & trashed the dash. I have repaired most of it. The ac/heater control I have a used one. But I need to know how to hook up the white, red, blue vac. Lines up, all the tubes are loose now. Old connector was destroyed. Is there a diagram on what tubes go where. The switch has 7 connections points. But there is only a few tubes to hook up. [ More points then tubes] I'm not sure which ones to put where and if I have to plug the rest. I sure hope I have the wiring in the right place too
Daniel walker45000
January 2, 2014.

I think this is it not sure as you didn't say if it's a class A or C motorhome. Shold be pretty close, iclick onpic to enlarge and print out if you like.

Jan 3, 2014.