1989 Chrysler 5th Avenue • 89,000 miles

Items recently replaced:
All vacuum lines and caps
Lean Burn ECM
Fuel filter
Base gasket
Some sort of sensor near the distributor
Distributor cap and rotor
PCV Valve/Valve grommet
Plugs and wires
The carburetor was recently rebuilt by a professional mechanic

Known issues:
Timing is advanced. (I can't fix it as I don't have a wrench for the distributor clamp, I have to wait until the weekend when I can borrow the tool from my neighbor.)
High engine speed
Sort of busted neutral safety switch (sometimes won't start in park. I have the part just not the jack to lift the car up.)

So when driving, I accelerate fine, I pick up speed well. When I come to a stop the car will stall, if I slow down to make a turn without stopping it stalls. I'm pretty sure I don't have any vacuum leaks as checked by spraying carb cleaner around the block, around gaskets and lines. I recently ran Lucas Oil fuel system cleaner through the gas tank and Marvel Mystery Oil a few hundred miles ago. When I took the carb off to replace the base gasket, a bunch of carbon poured out of the vapor return. I've thought to make sure that there isn't any blockages in the gas tank or fuel pump, I just haven't had the ability to check as I need to borrow tools from neighbors and dad.
January 9, 2012.

I'm unable to get a clear picture of the carburetor right now, as the camera on my phone is pretty fickle about when it wants to function well enough. The carburetor that's installed is a Holley model 6280 if that helps at all.

Jan 11, 2012.
Actually I never worked on one of those but I think they're very similar. My cars all had Carter carburetors.

Jan 11, 2012.
My neighbor finally got a chance to look at my car. He's master certified car tech. He tells me the left side of the carb is clogged or otherwise not working properly. Solution should come with a re-do at the shop that did my carb. Glad to see 6months warranty on the receipt! Thanks for all of your help guys!

Jan 16, 2012.