1989 Buick Electra • 193,000 miles

My brakes just recently gave me problems by being hard to push. Almost had to stand up on them to stop. Having trouble finding what part is needed. Consensus is it doesn't have a brake booster.
February 1, 2013.

Gotta have a booster, otherwise it will take two men and a boy to stop the car. Your car was available with anti-lock brakes. Many models incorporated the power assist function into that system, and they didn't use the common vacuum booster. The power assist uses brake fluid under very high pressure just like some diesel trucks use high-pressure power steering fluid for brake power assist in the Hydro-boost systems.

If you have ABS and the pump is not running or building pressure, the yellow warning light should be on. If you never see a yellow light, including for a few seconds when you start the engine, there are two fuses that would have to be blown or removed.

Feb 1, 2013.