1989 BMW 318i • 150,000 miles

I have several questions in fact.I'll have the pleasure of someone supported me with the solutions.

1- I want to know which is the perect motor that can be hit in my car?
2- which site I can refer to know the dianamics and the correct dimentions of my car?
3- some friends adviced me to put the black 2500Cc motor which belong to BMW 525 model 96 or before in my car. Is this correct or there is another motor that can give me more performance than the mentioned one?
4- where I can find onlie shipping parts and turbo boosts for my car fo less price?
5- I need to know I site for bmw that can give me the motor specsifications when I enter the motor number?

I'll appreciate your support,
October 28, 2012.

Ah I forgot, one another questions please.

1- I need to know the the most durable rim size thats will suits my needs. From where I can get this info?

The above question is to know all things about my car, so if there is a site can give me those info about rim sizes and motors that can be set in my car i'll appreciate your help : ).


Oct 28, 2012.
You bought a 318 and you want performance. Sell that car and buy the M3. Problem solved.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 31, 2012.