1988 Pontiac Sunbird • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic •

How do I determine part # on my catalytic converter? I need to know if the cat that came on my vehicle is the correct one for california smog. The stamp on the cat reads.
February 10, 2011.

Is it the cat that came with the car?Or is there a different one welded in to replace the old one?Was the car a california car or did it come from another state?Like you moved it from another state when moving to california?Also there is a emissions label under your hood that has your engine size and should say federal or california emission's. Let me know the answer's to my question's so I can help you further.

Feb 10, 2011.
I bought the car a couple years back from my sisters boyfriend who owned it for 7 yrs and he had originally bought it off his mother who bought it brand new in 89, making me the third owner. And its never left the state of California. Unfortunately, while still in contact with the two previous owners, they have no recollection as to the nature of repairs on the vehicle in the past. Although, I was able to do a smog history search and found that its passed all but 3-4 smog checks out of about 16 since 1993. So that should answer your question about history of the car.
For the other question, the answer is Yes, modifications were made in the past. By the looks of the welds, I do believe this is NOT the original cat. What I do know is that when I bought the car, the muffler had been eliminated and it just had a straight pipe come off the cat and then was split to two tail pipes in the back, giving it a very loud racecar sound. I recently found the original muffler w/ pipe at a pick-n-pull and am in process of installing it. Which is why I was able to get a clear view inside my cat to find nothing. No honeycomb, packing, nothing. Clear all the way through. But I passed smog a couple years ago with the very same cat.

Feb 11, 2011.
Sound's like someone hallowed it out so at this point it doesn't matter if it's a california one or not. But if it never left the state I would say it was a california one. It is againist the law to run a hallowed out cat or no cat on that car.A new cat for that car can't be that much. Iam guessing maybe 150 installed.

Feb 11, 2011.