1988 Mercury Cougar • 108,000 miles

Car dies after 50 to 60 miles, starts up and runs great after it sets about 2 hours. Parts change 1. Coil 2. Pickup coil in dist. 3. Coil on side of dist. 4. Starter switch, still dies, what next, I need help. It is a 1988 XR7 cougar 302 motor.
November 2, 2012.

Have the fuel pressure checked. It may have a failing fuel pump.

Thanks, I will try that this week end, I will let you know, Thanks again.

Nov 2, 2012.
Sounds good I will watch for your reply.

Chcked it was 32 what should it be.

Nov 7, 2012.
Attached is the chart for fuel pressures for your and other vehicles.
Make sure you look at the right one. The fuell pressure may be a bit low and the pump is acting like it is intermitantly failing, so I am leaning towards the fact that it will have to be replaced. Look at the chart and identify the pressure for your car so we can confirm if it is withing spec and then if it is not I think you will need to replace it. It is not that hard of a job and I will give you as much information and walk you through it if you want to change it yourself and you can.
So let me know your findings and we will go from there.

Fuel pressure is 32, thanks for the chart.

Nov 14, 2012.
No problem. You may have a dirty fuel system and need to run a good cleaner. BG44K is the only one that really works. You have to get it at a car dealership parts counter and its $20 abottle. I suggest 2 bottles if you never ran a cleaner. It will make the engien run a little funnier or off while it is cleaning depsostits and sludge out, so don't painic.
After going through 2 cans and another full tank of gas it will make a difference.

Thanks I will try that, let you know.

Nov 16, 2012.
I hope it diagnosis the problem.
I will watch for your response.