1988 GMC Jimmy • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 100,000 miles

Changed the plugs on my 1988 gmc jimmy s15 with a 2.8l. The firing order is 1 2 3 4 5 6. Does it also go that way on distributor with 1 being the front left spot? We placed the wires from front left back as 1 3 5 and right side as 2 4 6 and on distributor the same way and now it only turns over but will not fire. Any help would be great
July 27, 2011.

Here is your firing order, below. With #1 piston on top dead center of compression stroke, Whichever spark plug tower the rotor is pointing at or leading into is #1 spark plug tower, then follow the firing order around the cap, in direction of rotor rotation.

Jul 27, 2011.