1988 GMC Acadia • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 166,135 miles

I have a 1988 GMC S15, my service engine soon light comes on, I noticed that my 02 oxygen sensor is unhooked under the hood, I had replaced the spark plugs the other day thinking that that'll cure the problem but they didnt, so then I been told that it is the oxygen sensor, imma try and plug it up and see if it'll still work before I get a new one, its a 1 wire type sensor, cause sometimes I sure noticed poor acceleration, hesitation, rough idling and stalling, so that got to be the problem after reading alot of these questions from consumers on here, when I hook it up, would I have to unhook the battery for the code to erase off the computer in my old model GMC truck.
March 24, 2011.

Just hook-it up and see if the SES turn off-if not have the computer scanned for code/s. If you're in the CONUS bring it to Autozone they'll do it for free

Mar 24, 2011.
Whats a CONUS, I never heard of that. Oh yeah autozone will do it, so they'll scan a 1988 vehicle huh, I know advance auto parts do it too. Do I have to disconnect the battery cable when it get hooked backed up to see if that SES light wont come back on anymore. Cause when I press the gas pedal, it hesitates to acererate and cuts off when I stop to a stop sign and then try to cross the road, I sure hope that cure the problem, I did alot of research of the 02 oxygen sensor online of what it causes a car or truck to do, and that sure seem like the problem according to what it'll do. Rough idling it also causes a car to do. Down here in my town where I live, it is a auto zone down here. I hope they do it. Imma call and find out. I have another question, and its concerning a code scanner what I saw online, can a OBD2 CAN Code Reader work on my car and find the codes.

Mar 24, 2011.