1988 Ford Ranger • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 74,000 miles

I have a 88 ford ranger I have had the clutch bleed several times and after each time the it works fine for a short time then it gets harder and harder to put the vehicle into gear while the engine is running up till you can not put it into 1st or 2nd gerar while it is running you have to cut it off to put it in gear. I have had a new slave cly, master cly and hyd. Line in stalled. What is going on.
May 18, 2011.

If you are losing fluid, there has to be a leak

Fluid bleeding by the "O" Rings, in either the Master or Slave Cylinder pistons could be occurring. (Fluid slipping by piston

Nothing like chasin' your tail for hours/ days/ weeks---when all along, you had been "Trustin'" that BRAND NEW, "BAD" PART!

Maybe you could hold the pedal down, with a 2x4, block etc. And observe both parts, to see which one moves, that shouldn't!

The Medic

May 18, 2011.