1988 Ford Other • 53,999 miles

Hello, Thanks all for your responses!

I have a 1988 Southwind Fleetwood with the Ford 460 Engine. I am having Electrical problems, Like for example: The RV won't start with the ignition switch, Only jumping a the starter solenoid. The A/C systems will jump the breaker in my house after turning on for a minute or two...(I was told that it could be my house outlet not giving enough juice). At last, the reason I am posting is because I would just like any information anyone might have posted or emailed to me. I found this pdf on the net and it started to help out. I also took the steering column cover off and found a blue wire frayed and disconnected from the other side, but I still need more help! Here's the link
July 1, 2011.

Cool, maybe someday someone will read this and have the awnser.

Jul 9, 2011.