1988 Cadillac Fleetwood • 150,000 miles

Need to find the location of the fuel pump "Relay" so I can eliminate it before changing he fuel pump. Engine will run if I squirt gas in Carb.
October 7, 2011.

It should be under the hood in relay block.

I found 3 relays side by side all with same p/n on driver side wheel-well. Found another under a plastic panel on the passenger side firewall. That one has a different p/n than the others. I'll get some one to turn the ignition and see if I can feel any of them engage, but I still don't know which one is the actual Fuel Pump Relay. Other functions may be happening to the other relays simultaneously. It would really help to narrow it down.

Dec 17, 2011.
Its inside under the glove box. Lower the underdash panel and the 20amp fuse is in the relay panel. The relay is in the relay panel their to. Check the voltage at the mini 20 fuse there first.

Dec 17, 2011.