1988 Buick Lesabre • 131,000 miles

Hi I have 3.8 Vin c lesabre limited

Engine stalling under acceleration but only sometimes

Same time gauges go crazy like blurring ok messed up display(all electronic gauges )

Car dies when this happens

Restart as soon or like 40 secs later and sometimes work good for a little while

Looking forward on crank/cam sensor or ignition module

Am I in the good way? Seems to be typical problem with those engines

Would appreciate procedures for testing these sensors
December 5, 2012.

I would look more at the emc. It is a common failure for the symtoms you mentioned. Have it checked before throwing parts at it.


Hi me again worked a bit on the car today found a wire to ignition module (purple) skinned : the guys who installed the remote starter did this a third wire running from there to remote module ; playing with it was killing the car. This is fixed and the car now stays alive never dies. At same time I cleaned contact between base and module plus main engine ground witch is close plus dielectric grease on every spark plug wires. Now no fire on 1-4 I know they on the same coil. These coil packs are not cheap coil pack is type 1 6 coils together I want to test them and the module before I put that Mutch money in it. If I have to I will car is in real great condition and I have 8 new tires for it so I d like to keep it as long as possible please help

Dec 8, 2012.
Ok, you have the all in one coil pack. If you separate the pack from the module you may see the module melted which is common. Reccomend replacing coil and module as an assembly.