1987 Nissan Truck • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 999,999 miles

I recently purchased a 87 Nissan pickup from a friend. When he had it, it sat for a year. It started and ran but after that year I bought it, it no longer ran. It turns over and acts like it wants to but just no gumption to start. I took it to a guy in town here and he put a new tumbler (lost key) and a new gas line. He also checked the computer and the injectors (he had same truck so just switched the parts and he said they were good). After 3 months he came up with the conclusion the injectors were not getting signal. Someone told me a new battery might help but I don't wanna spend the money if its not going to work. Now just wondering where to start now, it my only vehicle and I am very Protestant to get it going. I don't wanna junk a truck if its something simple. Please help!
January 17, 2011.

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