1987 Isuzu Trooper • 207,000 miles

Hello, I picked up my 87 trooper from the trans shop for a new clutch, and my second gear was noisy, they couldnt find the part I needed, but found a transmission for it, it came with a "beefier" 5th gear, so on my way home, I got it into 5th, then down shifted into 4th, and it will not come out of 4th gear no matter what ive tried, the trans shop will look at it again on monday, but im curious what you think and why this happened so quickly.
December 3, 2011.

You have an internal problem with the transmission -could be synchronizers

Dec 3, 2011.
They could have gotten a transmission that requires the clutch to move farther to disengage the gears. I think it is hydraulic, so the system for the clutch may need to be bled. The other possibility is that the pilot bearing was not replaced, left out or is crooked. Otherwise, the problem is most likely within the transmission.