1987 Ford Taurus • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 97,000 miles

Any video on replacing drum brakes on 87 Taurus wagon?
December 4, 2010.

No videos yet But they are coming, How can I assist you?

Dr Loot
Dec 4, 2010.
Want to know how to replace the brake drums, I have removed the old ones but haven't bought new ones yet

Dec 4, 2010.
Remove grease cap from hub. Remove cotter pin, nut lock and adjusting nut. Remove flat washer and outer bearing. Remove wheel, drum and hub assembly as a unit, being careful not to drag seal across spindle threads.
Remove hold-down spring and pins. Lift brake shoe and adjuster assembly off backing plate. Remove parking brake cable from parking brake lever. On 7" brakes remove lower retracting spring, then remove lower primary shoe retracting spring by rotating shoe over adjusting quadrant and disconnecting spring.
NOTE: If drum will not come off, insert a screwdriver through adjustment hole and apply side pressure to adjuster assembly pivot to release brake adjustment. On 8" brakes it will be necessary to remove brake line-to-axle retention bracket to gain access to adjuster hole.

On 7" brakes remove secondary shoe-to-parking brake strut retracting spring by pivoting strut downward until is disengages from secondary shoe. On 8" brakes, remove retracting springs from lower brake shoe attachment and upper shoe-to-adjusting lever.
On 7" brakes, disassemble adjuster by pulling quadrant away from knurled pin and rotating. Remove spring and slide quadrant out of slot. On all models, remove parking brake lever horseshoe retaining clip and spring washer. Lift lever off pin on brake shoe.

Apply a light coating of high temperature grease to contact points of brake shoes and backing plate and adjusting screw threads. On 7" brakes, install adjuster quadrant until it meshes with knurled pin in 3rd or 4th notch of outboard end of quadrant.
On 8" brakes, install stainless steel washer over socket end of adjusting screw and install socket. Turn adjusting screw into adjusting pivot nut to limit of threads and back off 1/2 turn. On all models, assemble parking brake lever to secondary shoe. Install spring washer and new horseshoe clip. Crimp clip until lever is securely fastened.
On 8" brakes, install parking brake cable to parking brake lever. On 7" brakes, install secondary shoe to parking brake strut retracting spring by attaching to slots in each part and pivoting strut to tension spring. Ensure spring end with hook parallel to centerline of coils is installed in hole in shoe web. Installed spring should be flat against shoe and parallel to strut.
On all models, attach lower shoe retracting spring to brake shoes. On 7" brakes, install primary shoe to adjuster strut retracting spring. On all models, expand shoe assembly and install over anchor plate and wheel cylinder. On 7" brakes, install parking brake cable to parking brake lever. On all models, install hold-down pins and spring assembly.
On 8" brakes, install adjuster screw between primary shoe slot and slot in secondary shoe and parking brake lever with socket end of screw assembly in secondary shoe. Ensure letter on socket faces up. Assemble adjusting lever in groove located in parking brake lever pin.
On 8" brakes, attach upper retracting spring to leading shoe slot. Stretch other end of spring into notch on adjuster lever. Adjuster lever should contact star wheel after installing spring. On all models, install drum, wheel, outer bearing, keyed washer and hub nut. Adjust wheel bearing. See appropriate article in the SUSPENSION Section.

Dr Loot
Dec 4, 2010.