1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 120,000 miles

The 86 cutlass ciera was running then turned off. Came back to start it and no start. Fuel pump runs then shuts off but will only make 15 lbs when the pressure line is hooked up directly to the gauge, no bypass. Also there is no spark. So the question is what would cause both symtoms to come on instantly at the same time?
Steve fountain
January 30, 2011.

Dunno, but its a fuel and ignition problem, the circuits of this two is not tied together

Fuel filter okay-replace the fuel pump-No spark check the coil/s, ignition control module and crankshaft position sensor-

Jan 30, 2011.
I just learned that the ignition module has to send a rpm signal to the ecm in order for it to send a ground to the injector. I checked for injecter pulse with a noid light and it didn't come on or blink while cranking the engine. I am thinking that this is the no spark no fuel problem and the weak fuel pump was already weak and I just happened on it because of the no start condition. So is there a way to check the ignition module?

Steve fountain
Feb 1, 2011.