1985 Mitsubishi Express • 2WD Automatic • 370,000 miles

Hi my mitsubishi express l300 1985 automatic is causing me many problems.

when I drive it sometimes backfires badly - like an explosion. When I dont have the revs up it also runs dirty and does smaller backfires. When I am idling it runs dirty and miss fires also and sometimes stalls.

it also doesnt start sometimes when I have driven it then stopped briefly. I have to wait 20 mins to start it again. The engine is not overheating and the petrol pump is working properly putting fuel into the carby. I also had new points put in and a new condenser. She also gets floded sometimes. Should I try getting a new coil?

i have a hole in the exhaust - could this be causing some of the problems?

i also dropped a valve in the head a few months ago could this be causing the problems?

recently she is struggling when going up hills? And also I lost all power and the accelerator went floppy the other day and then I regained power after a few seconds?

do you have any answers for me please? It would be much appreciated

thank you
Allen fountoukos
January 10, 2011.

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