1985 Honda Prelude • 212,000 miles

I am inexperianced in the way of the engine to a certain extent. I am having alot of issues in trying to figure out how to replace my alternator on my 85 lude. I really could use some step-by step intruction or detailed diagrams
November 17, 2012.

1. Remove battery ground cable form battery.

2. Disconnect engine wire harness from the alternator, and remove terminal nut. Remove both the alternator adjusting bolt and the alternator bolt.

3. Remove the alternator belt from the alternator pulley.

NOTE: To gain access to the alternator, it may be necessary to disconnect the left drive shaft from the steering knuckle.

4. Remove the air cleaner case and intake manifold for Fuel Injected vehicles.

NOTE: Mark the location of the vacuum hoses before disconnecting them from the intake manifold. This will ensure proper assembly of the vacuum hoses.

5. Remove the alternator bolt and the alternator.

Nov 18, 2012.