1985 Chevrolet Blazer • 200,000 miles

My 85 blazer 4 sp 2wd doesn't start all the time. I turn it on and just get a click. I had O'Rileys check the volts and it was ok. Can I put a new starter on myself? I know almost zip about cars, but I can follow directions. Can't afford a shop visit. Can you help? Sometimes it starts right up. Other times no. I'm afraid I'm going to get stuck someplace ugly. Need to try to fix it. Tapping on the starter with a wrench seemed to help, so I'm guessing that's the problem. Help!
August 12, 2013.

If tapping on the starter helped, then chances are the starter is going bad. Yes, you could replace it. Before doing anything, disconnect the negative battery terminal. Then it is just a matter of removing a couple bolts that hold the starter in place and removing the wiring from the old starter and replacing it the same way on the new starter. When you are all done, replace the battery terminal and it should be fine.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you. Do you know if there are shims on this starter? I watched a couple of videos on replacing a starter. I guess I'm going to have to try to replace it-the shim thing sounds kinda hairy.

Aug 12, 2013.
Chances are there are no shims. If there are, they are easy to install. Just use the same ones you remove when you install the new starter.

If you have any trouble, let me know. Also, pay close attention to the wires so you get them back on the new starter the same way. Also, MAKE SURE you disconnect the battery before you do any of the work. If you don't disconnect it, chances are you are going to short things out at the starter.