1984 Volkswagen Van • Automatic •

I have a 1984 volkswagen vanagon and am having trouble turning it over I have checked the fuel line, filtter, and made sure the tank was clean but the only way it will turn over is if I shot a shot of stater fluild in it and then it stays crank for a few second and this all stated when I took the battery out for three months what would be wrong with it i'm stumped
June 4, 2011.

Check the fuel pressure if its within specs-could be the fuel filter, intank fuel pick sock or the fuel pump-also check for injection pulses from the injectors

Sep 1, 2011.
The fuel pump is located underneath the sliding door on the inside of the rail and the fuel filter is right behind it. You will need a helper one of you get underneath the van while the other one turns the key on you should be able to feel the feel the pump and see if it comes on

Dr Loot
Dec 20, 2011.