1984 Toyota Corolla • 1.6L 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 210,000 miles

I own a Toyota Corolla FXGT 1984, with a 4agze 1600cc engine. When I put the car under heavy load it sputters and misfires and smells heavily of fuel. If I let the car slowly rev up about 500RPM every 3 seconds the car will rev out correctly. It's just under heavy load that the car start sputtering and losing power. The car will not turn off but it does not sound happy to be running until I am not applying heavy load anymore. The same problem occurs whilst idling and while driving at any speed. As soon as I apply heavy accelleration ( past about 30% on the accelerator pedal ) the car will start sputtering and lose power.

Any help would be great. Cheers.
December 22, 2013.

Start with basic checks, spark plugs, ignition coil and wires, MAF, TPS, ignition timing and air filter.

Dec 22, 2013.