1984 Nissan Truck • 140,000 miles

Out of the blue, started having a rough idle. Had to increase the idle to around 1000 rpm's just to keep it running.
Found several vacuum hoses with cracked ends and replaced all one at a time. Removed the pcv valve and cleaned and tested, works fine. Used carb. Cleaner to clean carb and it stopped idling rough for a few minutes and
then went back to rough.

Check distributor and plugs.

Any thoughts?
October 21, 2012.

Sounds like a Carb problem-replace the base gasket and see what happens-also is this a Z24 NAPZ engine

Oct 21, 2012.
Yes, Z24. Also checked the pcv valve yesterday and the egr valve. Both are good. This truck
does have a VVT (venturi vacuum transducer valve) which feeds the egr.

If I spray carb. Cleaning into the VVT, it seems to run normal for a minute. Also, if I spray
carb. Cleaner at the base of the carb. At the back of the unit the engine tries to die.

Mr. Tyler
Oct 28, 2012.
Replace the base gasket than report back-try to die, when sprayed -it shouldn't do that if its not leaking-nothing will change-Let me know

Oct 30, 2012.