1984 Ford F-250 • V8 4WD Manual • 168,000 miles

Standard shift, shifting gears truck will almost stall out, it hesitates and lurches. Acts like it is not getting any gas. Have cleaned out and replaced in line fuel filters, spark plugs and wires. Have had it to 4 different mechanics here in Joplin, Mo. And no one can cure it. What is the reason it hesitates and lurches and almost dies? It is of course worse in cold weather. But does it also in warm weather. Does it when accelorating and when changing gears.
May 8, 2011.

Have your distributor check for a worn breaker plate or worn vacuum advance pin. One or both may be bad and not letting the timing advance like it should. Also have your timing chain checked as those were hard on the timing chain. The poser valve may be bad as well in the carb.

May 8, 2011.
How does it idle?

Have they been into the carb? Especially the floats, the pivot for them. Correct adjustment?

Have you really searched hard for vacuum leaks?

By chance, have you "plugged off" your bowl vents on the carb (can no longer breathe)

Does your truck have a fuel return line going back to the tank. Or used to?

Any mods other than OEM to engine/ fuel system? Like, it was a mechanical pump and is now electric?

What is fuel pressure?

How fast will the fuel pump fill a measured pint vessel. In seconds. Maybe the "Sock" in the tank is stopped up.

Some things can be Redneck tested, such as connect a fuel can to the rear of a MECHANICAL fuel pump (not using the truck's tank) See how it does not sucking thru the "sock", but from the "Remote Tank"---Use extreme caution if you do this, a fire extinguisher is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED CLOSE BY

May have some more, dependent on some of your answers

The Medic

May 9, 2011.