1984 Chevrolet Celebrity • 95,000 miles

Hello, I was told that my CV Joint and boot are worn and so are my shocks and struts are torn. The car has 95000 miles on it and the shocks are the original shocks to the car. The car is also almost 28 years old. My parents doesnt believe the mechanic and will not repair it because they say we dont have the money to fix it. I am now having to drive it. I keep telling them that the car can get in bad shape if not repaired and that would be more costly than fixing it but they wont listen. What can happen if My CV joint breaks? Can that be dangerous if I am driving? Also, Can the shocks and struts be dangerous too?
December 4, 2011.

It can be dangerous-might as well wait till the funding is available-

Dec 4, 2011.
If the cv joint breaks that can do a lot of damage like a gaint drill bit riping and tearing. Complete axles for that car should be cheap if you shop around. As far as struts and shocks if they get bad enough the car could bounce enough to loose control of the car. Are you good at fixing thinhs and with tools?Parts wise it shouldnt be too bad for parts if you could do the labor yourself.

Dec 4, 2011.