1982 Chevrolet Van • 80,000 miles

After The van had set for a while, it started to run badly and not stay cranked when idling. The vacuum hoses were dryrotted, so my husband replaced those. At first there seemed to be improvement, but the problem continued to worsen. The van will not crank or run for longer than a few seconds. The distributor had moisture in it and some corrosion, so he replaced that and the coil as well. There is power on both sides from the battery, he said it was getting fuel. When he tries to start the van it sounds like it is fine, but when he releases the ignition to the run position it dies. It seems like it should be something relatively simple. Any suggestions?
January 19, 2013.

Go to our site and check undr tune up and it will tell you how to diagnose your ignition system, you may have a bad pickup coil or ecm

Jan 19, 2013.